10 Important Things to Remember About Kitchen Renos

great tips for kitchen renovations

1. Permits

Very important to get a permit for your kitchen renovation. Why? Well, a typical kitchen renovation will require at least two permits for (1) electrical and (b) plumbing

2. Building Inspections

BE PRESENT! You don’t want them to skip over something and miss it. Also, usually therea re two stages to the inspection: the rough-in and the final. Be at both!

3. Avoid Quick Fixes At All Costs

Never consider a quick fix for your kitchen renovation. Why? Well, you will probably need to gut the kitchen to make sure it is done right.

4. Pick Flooring Carefully

For example, wood floors, particularly laminate “click flooring” are not a good choice in a high-traffic, high moisture in the kitchen.

5. Tiling Underlayment System

Having a tiling underlayment system is very important. Good systems that exist include brands like Schluter – they require wire mesh and mortar.

6. Sealing Stone Floors

It is very important to seal stone floors before they are grouted. Many contractors wait to seal the tile until after the tile has been grouted, but the grout should be able to breathe.
stone floor tips

7. Counter-top Maintenance

90% of people just pick a countertop based on appearance. However, it is important when you are shopping for a countertop that you think about the material. For example, Granite and other stone surfaces have to be sealed regularly.

8.  Check Custom Cabinets

It’s important to know that not all cabinets are “custom”…so don’t design your whole new kitchen around some random counter-top you saw from Home Depot or Lowes. Actual custom cabinets are most of the time “built to order”, which takes six to twelve weeks. It’s work the wait because they are stronger and built to last.

9. Plan Lighting

Plan your lighting carefully and give yourself options. Think about functional lighting under the kitchen cabinets, above the sink, above the island and above the stove.

10. Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation

Last thing to remember is to invest in a good ventilation system for your kitchen and ensure that it vents directly outside your house.

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